Hi, I'm Tim.

I believe in the city of Decatur and I’m driven by the prospect of working together — in shared pursuits or across differences — towards a thriving and ever-improving community.

Much of that is rooted in my family history. I was born right down the road at DeKalb Medical. As was my wife, Melanie. And our daughter and son as well. We’re a local family through and through and since first moving here as an adult in 1999, Decatur's been the place I call home.

I graduated from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University in 2000 and now run my own wealth management and financial planning practice, Tim Martin Wealth Strategies, managing over $50 million in client assets. I’ve been a Million Dollar Roundtable® member since 2008, won the National Triple Crown Award in 2011, and have been a NAIFA-Atlanta Top Advisor Under 40 each year since 2011. Which is all to say that people have entrusted me with their finances and their futures and I’ve worked hard to earn that trust and do right by them.

I’ve also worked hard giving back to the community through a wide range of civic service projects. I list those accomplishments here not because I’m seeking some sort of check-box candidacy, but because they’re experiences that help demonstrate what I want you to know about me: I’m a doer, and I’ll roll up my sleeves with anyone willing to do the same.

Speaking personally, my wife Melanie is a teacher with the City Schools of Decatur. Both of my children attend Decatur schools — Westchester for my daughter; College Heights Pre-K for my son — while we lend support as members of the Westchester PTA. The success of public education is personal for me, so working together in good faith with our school system to help protect and further their interests is a priority.

We live in the Rosewalk-Cottage Grove neighborhood, adjacent to historic Lenox Place. I like cooking, play a lot of ping-pong, work out and, when I can find the time, go fishing.

  • Joined the Decatur Business Association (DBA) in 2007; became its concert committee co-chair board member, 2011; and ultimately its president, 2015-16.
  • As part of the MS Society, Atlanta chapter Leadership Class of 2013, helped raise over $100k for multiple sclerosis.
  • As part of the Leadership DeKalb Class of 2014, helped re-brand the DeKalb Rape Crisis Center as the Day League in their efforts to better reach and serve all of Metro Atlanta.
  • Raised over $30k annually for literacy and at-risk youth in Decatur/DeKalb County as Decatur Rotary Club foundation co-chair, 2015-17.  
  • Have worked as part of the Rotary Club's MLK Service Project team every year since 2009.
  • Serve as elder and clerk of session at Clairmont Presbyterian Church, and lead a parents small group/bible study together with Melanie. 
  • Sponsor of the DEF Tour deCatur. 
  • Served on the Comprehensive Plan Update steering committee, 2015-16.

My Values

You deserve principled and predictable decision-making. Here are the values underlying mine.

Listening is at the root of success.

For over 40 years, we as a community have mapped out our plans for the future and, along the way, city leaders have acted on the priorities we’ve set. That’s the best possible model for responsive democracy and it’s one I’m committed to. As a business owner, my customers’ agenda is my agenda. That’s a lesson I’ll take to the city commission.

Foster what works, fix what doesn’t.

Decatur has become the envy of the region by adhering to a solid vision. That’s something worth protecting. But success comes with downsides too — like increased housing costs, congestion, and dwindling diversity — so by all means, let’s work together to address them. For me, ongoing course correction isn’t just an option. It’s a responsibility.

Smart money in, wise money out.

Financial discipline isn’t just watching what you spend. It’s also making the most of what you earn. Decatur’s greatest opportunity to fund the things we value — like greenspace, schools, or tax relief — lies in cultivating a stronger, more diversified local economy. Guided by smart, big picture stewardship, a healthier level of commercial revenue can mean more options everywhere else.

Building bridges builds value.

Decatur works best when we all work together. From building on our pervasive spirit of volunteerism to partnering with our civic and religious institutions to working more closely and productively with our award-winning school system, I’m a firm believer that thriving community begins with an open mind and a hand shake.

My Issues

I believe in Decatur’s community-driven Strategic Plan. Here’s how I’ll tailor its goals to the issues we face today.

Tame Scott Boulevard

Dangerous streets sever communities. I’ll tap my existing GDOT relationships and push harder for meaningful incremental improvements to this divisive and dangerous corridor.

Together we can build upon recent successes to create a more inviting and accommodating boulevard — further improving pedestrian and bicycle safety over time without curtailing our present traffic capacity.


Share Resources More Efficiently

We’re all taxpayers. I’ll work closely with our schools and city departments to ensure all residents benefit from our collective investments.

For starters, the city’s United Methodist Children’s Home property holds tremendous potential — not just for surrounding residents but for the broader Decatur community. I’ll commit myself to a wide-ranging public visioning and implementation process in which the needs of District 1 neighbors are effectively represented.

Improve Housing Affordability

Many of our young workers, families, and empty nesters are finding it increasingly difficult to make Decatur home. I’ll prioritize efforts to diversify our housing stock and promote a wider range of choices for a wider range of folks.

I understand the economics of property development and the need for creative new thinking. As Commissioner, I’ll help enable viable market solutions but also lend my support to the city’s emerging Community Land Trust to increase workforce housing for teachers, emergency personnel, service workers, and so many others key to a diverse and well-rounded community.

Promote Downtown Livability

Downtown is the engine that powers our quality of life. Prioritizing a balanced approach to growth, I’ll work hard to keep it a lasting asset — economically, environmentally, and as an inviting place to live.

That includes pushing for an immediate neighborhood stakeholder process to ensure our new greenspace at Commerce Drive and West Trinity Place — recently purchased by the school system — successfully accommodates the needs and interests of our downtown residents.

My Supporters

I'm honored by the support of so many wonderful neighbors and encourage you to consider joining them.

Walt Drake, former Mayor, Decatur
Bill Breen, former Mayor, Decatur
Andrew Harris, fmr. Mayor Pro Tem, Decatur
Candler Broom. fmr. Vice Mayor, Decatur
Susan Cobleigh, former Chair, CSD Board
Marc Wisniewski, former Chair, CSD Board
Mary Alice Kemp, fmr. Commissioner, Decatur
Rev. Todd Speed
Daren Wang
Neil Dobbs
Judy Turner
Jean O'Callaghan
Kyle Williams
Mark Burnette
John Randall
Doug Aholt
David and Nicole Metzger
Rev. Megan and Eric Johnson
Dr. Cinnamon Sullivan
Betty and Henry Spiker
Cindy Wisniewski Lamons
Dan Lee
Dr. Dirk Baxter
Brooke and Mike Nation
Eric and Page Teusink
Hector Amador
Dr. Jill Henke
Todd Foreman
Mary and Jim Bailey

Eric Tumperi
Deanne Thomas
Katie and Mark Abel
John and Kathleen Copeland
Rick Kern and Michael Keller
Dr. Karen Steadman
Christa and Tim Sobon
Eric Sullivan
John Bennett
Wendy Watkins
Maggie and Carl McClatchey
Dr. Charlie and Gail Bell
Cecily and Jake Cohen
Margaret and Matt Ciccarelli
Rev. Kimmy Stokesbary Briggs
Larry Kosten
Marc and Shelby Brennan
Rev. Harl Pike
Jill Joplin
Alvin McNeely
Chris Burkhart
David and Shannon Lubell
Meredith and Keith Yancey
Kristen Hess
Clanton and Jenna Black
Derek Perry
Moira and Jimmy Faris
Rebekah and David Vepraskas
Sybil and Robert McCullar

Brooks Mackintosh
Doug Robinson
Meg and Brian Spears
Robert Brown
Sarah and Ryan Florence
Scott Thompson
Michael and Ashlee Holbein
Naomi and Stan Orkin
Chad and Christina Carter
Patrick Lockman
Rev. Owen and Carolyn Stepp
Susan and Stacey Sparks
Rick and Signe Garnitz
Tom Adams
Jim Thibadeau
Amanda McMillan and Teresa Dau
Julie and Matt Smith
Andrew and LeeAnne Lynch
Herb McCoy
Angie Majestic
Jonathan Hawkins
Jennifer and Jared Belew
Kristin and Matt Hutchinson
Sarah Garvin
Lindsay and Brad Reese
Anne Clarke
Kimi Hawkins
Michael Leavey
Pamela Pryor

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